Translation and sound recording of audio and video materials - Бюро переводов в Алматы KazTranslate

INTERPRETING of audio and video

 Translation agency «KazTranslate» proposes comprehensive range of services on interpreting and interpreting of the text of soundtrack. 

· Overlapping of subtitles

· Voice-over interpreting

 The first stage of interpreting of audio or video material is transcript of soundtrack and typing of the sounding text.  Typing of the text is being accomplished by interpreter of the corresponding foreign language. Cost of this service is being determined on the basis of duration of soundtrack and tempo of speech. For exact calculation of cost, please send us a request by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through order form in the site.

 In the second stage written translation of the text of soundtrack is being performed, volume unit for which is a standard page and cost corresponds to cost of usual written translation.  

 Further, depending of requirements of the customer, dubbing of video material (creation of completely new soundtrack), voice-over interpreting (speech of the speaker sounds against the background of dead sound of original soundtrack) may be performed or subtitles are being added. In this case, cost is also being calculated on the basis of individual characteristics of the project




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