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 Translationbureau «KazTranslate» proposesyouservicesofprofessionalinterpretersandsimultaneousinterpreters. Interpreters having large work experience in the chosen field of specialization work in team of our company. We can be able to provide interpreters for work in actions conducting in Almaty as well as in other regions of Kazakhstan. A professional interpreter will provide complete and exact transfer of information, successful communication and mutual understanding of the partners during negotiations, meetings, conferences, presentations, exhibitions and other events.


Agency KazTranslate proposes services of Guides-interpreters in Almaty.  

A secret of popularity of our company concludes in high quality of the proposing services. KazTranslate is represented by team of interpreters/translators of senior grade. It can be philologists with invaluablelength of service in the field of technical interpreting, legal thematic; they speak perfectly language of translation/interpreting. The translated texts are being obligatorily verified, edited and imposed by request of a client.  

What do we propose?

· Providing of services of guides for foreign tourists;

· All-in-one support of clients:

· Excursions in touristy places of Almaty region with interesting guides;

·  We can be able also to propose you our transport from luxury to spacious buses;

·  We have also onsite barbeque with cooks of high level and pleasant waiters which will wait for you in the place of excursion with prior chosen menu at your discretion (European, Eastern, Caucasian cuisine).

· We can be able also to provide services of photo and video recording of your stay in Kazakhstan in high quality "on a turnkey basis ". 


· We sign obligatorily an agreement about confidentiality of data received as the result of work on translation of the documents;

· System of presents for regular clients is organized in translation company KazTranslate;

· You can be able to recheck all prices. Every can be able to know about cost of various translation/interpreting services in the official site www.kaztranslate.kz

All details of project with guides-interpreters in Almaty you can be able to discuss with manager which is responsible for your order. You can be able to consider with the same manager ways of saving of monetary fund without deterioration in quality of interpreting.

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Tel: 8 (727) 3171768, 8 (727) 3171778, 8 (747) 317 17 78




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