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editing, page proof and formatting  


 In the process of work on order, our translation bureau involves not only translators but and also editors which read the text with respect to technical mistakes, check correspondence to original formatting, provide unity of style of the translated text, in the case, if volumetric order was divided between some translators. This type of editing is obligatory and already INCLUDED in cost of your order.  

 Moreover, you can apply for our bureau for proof-reading of texts performed by other translators, if you doubt in its accuracy. Please note that in this case, it is necessary to provide original of the text, as well as electronic version of translation in format suitable for editing. At unavailability of electronic version of translation, the customer shall pay additional payment for typing of the text.  


 At order of editing of translation, calculation unit is a page of the text containing 1800 printed chars with gaps («a standard page»). Determination of the scope of works, in all cases, when it is possible, in being accomplished on the text of original, in other cases is on text of translation. Exclusion is Eastern languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew) at work with which, volume is always being determined on Russian text independent of direction of translation.

Minimal order and terms of performance

 Minimal volume of an order is 1 standard page; an average speed of performance of editing is 15-20 standard pages per day.


 In the case of significant quantity of factual and grammar mistakes or availability of omissions in the text of translation, cost of works will be calculated as performance of new written translation.


 Translation agency «KazTranslate» proposes services of professional page proof of translation in exact correspondence to original documents.  Our designers-page makers work in such programs as:  

· All package of programs Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher) 2000, 2003, 2007;

· All package of programs CorelDraw, including CorelVentura

· All package of programs Adobe CS 1, 3 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, PageMaker etc.);

· QuarkXPress for PC

· AutoCad, ArchiCad

· 3ds MAX and other 3d programs

 Professional page proof supposes exact observance of all peculiarities of original: print, location of graphical objects and tables, proportions, colours etc. Work on page proof of the documents is being accomplished in close interaction of translator and page maker that allows to exclude any technical inaccuracies.

Unit of measure                                                     

Calculation unit for service of page proof is 1 page of format A4.

Minimal order and terms of performance

 Minimal order for service of page proof is 1 page of format A4. An average speed of performance of simple page proof by one page maker is 30 pages A4 per day.

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